Monday, February 18, 2008


The wonderful GF sent me this link from this month's Esquire magazine: Best Sandwiches in America.

Philly is holding its own against the rest of the country with 2 entries:
-One for the roast pork and provolone sandwich as John's Roast Pork, at 14 East Snyder Avenue.
-One for the chicken cutlet at Shank's and Evelyn's Luncheonette, at 932 South 10th Street.

I haven't gone to either of them, but now I want to visit both! Check it out!


the_change said...
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the_change said...

I've been to John's, once on a whimsical high school afternoon when a friend and I had a long free period. "I heard there's a great place for cheesesteaks down by the docks - it's where all the dockworkers eat!" Well, okay, you're drivin'! We schlepped all the way into (South? Southeast? I'm not even sure where the hell we went, it all seems very mysterious now) Philly and got nice and lost before finally pulling up to...a little one-room shack with a couple benches outside, surrounded by warehouses with chain-link fencing. There were lots of burly men in flannel and workboots leaning on teir trucks. And the best freaking sandwich I can remember having. You know I'm usually a "get 'em where you find 'em" kinda guy, but this was really truly glorious. A fresh sesame(!) bun, flavorful Someday, I shall return there, victorious and voracious.


EDIT: Sorry, I messed up with the earlier comment.