Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Glorious Day for a Picnic

This past Memorial WAS an absolutely glorious day for a picnic! Here's a glance at the spread I created for my dear GF and our friend Jill.

-Cucumber Sandwiches--with cream cheese, not mayonnaise.
-Herbed Parmesan Crisps--These little crackers (shredded parm, a little flour, and fresh rosemary, and nothing else) are the absolute last word in cheesy goodness. I found the recipe in Ted Allen's What You Want to Eat cookbook. I love that book.
-Edamame (thoughtfully cooked by by darling GF)
-Grapes, baby carrots, and a marvelously juicy D'Anjou pear.
-Handmade Chianti salami, from Trader Joe's.
-Laura Chenel's Chevre and Robusto, an aged cow's milk cheese, similar to Parrano but stronger, served with TJ's Hot and Sweet mustard for spreading purposes.
-Mini Toasts from Whole Foods.
-Blue Moon, my current favorite beer (this is one that recurs rather often).

Now that I have a cold, my current favorite drink is hot water with honey and lemon.

Stay Tuned for June--French Cooking month!

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